When I laced up the skates, I always felt a sense of pride in my country, regardless if it was at practice, during games or on the pond. Hockey and country will always be intertwined; we want to showcase this passion through the American Hockey Co! There are a ton of great things in this life, we just think hockey and USA are at the top of list!

The hockey lifestyle is something special.... it's made up of countless hours training, practicing, traveling, playing, the list goes on. Although it can be rigorous, it's an amazing experience. The foundation of our apparel comes from this lifestyle; the lifestyle we lived, and the friendships and memories we made along the way.

When you grow up, you look back and smile when you think about the miles you spent traveling the country, meeting new people, and playing the game you love. Our apparel represents the lifestyle, it represents the miles of American soil you'll travel along your hockey journey, it's a symbol of the entire hockey community in the USA.

We hope we can add a new favorite to your hockey apparel collection, and we can't thank you enough for stopping by and checking us out!


The American Hockey Co.